choose how you want to be in the world

learn how to access all the qualities you need to live purposefully and consciously

if you're yearning to:

Accept all of who you are

Express your truth, your wants and your needs

Stop acting just to please and be accepted by others

Feel your power and discover your natural leadership abilities

Increase your emotional resilience

Become conscious that you can handle whatever life hands you

Let go of old patterns, old behaviours or old beliefs

Overcome fears so that you can take on exciting new challenges

Strengthen your intimate, personal and work relationships

"You're braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think."
a. a. milne
winnie the pooh

personal coaching

Live powerfully.  Discover a profound sense of self-acceptance with deep dive coaching.  Learn how to listen to your inner dialogue, understand what you want and need, and express this clearly and kindly to yourself and others.  A journey towards self love and acceptance.

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discovering your selves

We are made up of a beautiful array of intelligent, creative, crazy, protective, sensitive, caring, wild, sensible, demanding and rebellious sub-personalities.  Each one has its own wants, needs, values and ways of seeing the world.  Bring all parts of you to the table and discover more of who you are.

living your values

Explore the driving principles behind everything you do.  Realign your life purpose, your ambitions, your daily activities and your behaviour to your values.  Experience a renewed sense of flow and effortlessness as you live congruently with what is most important to you.

"By being true to all sides of your nature, you acknowledge that you can be self-confident, active and strong, that you can nurture without being weak, that you can be wild and instinctual as well as calm and reasoning, and that you have a beautiful darkness within, a depth beyond the mundane world."
miranda gray
red moon

Sometimes we feel lost and conflicted; we sacrifice our own wants and needs to fit in. We reject and disown the parts of us that we don’t like, that we think are socially unacceptable or we weren’t encouraged to love; we judge ourselves and others when we really want acceptance. We hold onto who we THINK we are…

live purposefully and consciously.

At the heart of my coaching are two core principles:

1) Every human quality you can imagine, you already possess. Using our full potential means learning how to access all our qualities, whether they are active or dormant, conscious or unconscious. This gives us the flexibility to be who we need to be in any given moment. It means that rather than changing ourselves, we only need to tap into all that we already are.

2) We are made up of many sub-personalities – such as the inner critic, the higher self, the creator, the wild one, the fun one… the list goes on. Each of these has different wants, needs, purposes and perspectives on the world.

Living authentically with courage and confidence requires us see and accept ourselves fully, without judgement. Giving a voice to all parts of ourselves allows us to make informed choices that meet all our wants and needs. It enables us to live life on our terms, freeing us to express ourselves openly, creating deep and meaningful relationships.

As your facilitator, my role is to help you see the biases of who you THINK you are, offer you tools to safely explore all the incredible qualities you have and learn how to communicate your wants and needs to yourself and others.

I invite you to bring all of yourself to the table.

With love,


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