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Erika scarth

At 8 years old, a little girl watched a documentary about a writer who was so inspired to write that he slept under his desk. “I want to feel that way too!” she declared.

I’ve had the pleasure to professionally listen intently to people and help them find solutions to their challenges for over 5 years.

My journey has so far led me to work with ex-offenders, people who have experienced long-term unemployment and people looking to transition into new careers, youth, women who have experienced abuse, entrepreneurs and corporate managers.

Through this work, Living Inspired coaching was born.  The aim is to help people live a life that inspires them, with deep self-acceptance, meaning and purpose.  It is based on the Psychology of Selves by Drs Hal and Sidra Stone, Jungian psychology and shadow work, and Identity yoga by Charles Davies.

If you’d like to find out more about coaching with me, please get in touch to book an informal introduction to the work.

experience it for yourself

Instead of a consultation where you just hear about it, come and experience a full session for yourself.  You’ll get a chance to dive deep and see whether coaching with Living Inspired is right for you.  

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