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My mind is whirling, I’m feeling grounded and strong

It was wonderful!  So powerful and thought provoking and I’m left thinking about what we discussed hours after it.  My mind is whirling, but I’m also feeling grounded and strong in myself after our conversation.  It was in the coaching session that I realised how much I need to listen to myself… how much more freeing and full of love my life could be… if I start listening to my intuition.


More control and assurance

Erika was an empathetic, resolute and a very calming influence when I spoke with her about some very tough topics that I dare not discuss with others. Her calming voice, non-judgemental questioning allowed me to observe and reflect upon my thoughts, values and beliefs to better understand about myself, and untangle some complicated issues holding me back. Along with some useful techniques, and appropriate questions, I have come up with some answers which will definitely allow me to progress further with more control and assurance with my life.


I have finally connected with something inside myself

Wow, our session was so insightful and powerful.  I loved the mindfulness exercise and once in that safe space, it was so meaningful and relevant to identify what I need, want and love.  I feel like I have finally connected with something inside myself.


New found confidence

My sessions with Erika were extremely beneficial! She helped to boost my confidence and provide new ways to explore certain situations which used to make me feel shy and uneasy. Talking to Erika was like talking to a friend after a long time it was as if I had known her for ages! I would highly recommend her services to anyone. No problem is too big or too small to address.


Something has unlocked

After being coached by Erika I found great clarity in how to plan the changes I need to make in my life. Before the sessions I felt very stuck with not being able to change certain habits. After the sessions it is as if something has unlocked and I now feel much better prepared to make my ambitions a reality. I would highly recommend being coached by Erika, she is gifted, compassionate and very humorous at the right times which I enjoyed a lot.


Truly transformative – refocused and lighter with real commitment

Erika is a truly wonderful coach. She has an incredible personal warmth and also a lightness of touch which allowed us to move between issues which I found deeply emotional to day-to-day stuff where I needed to make changes but was a bit stuck.

I came into the process as a slightly muddled mum of two young children having recently quit my long term professional career as an editor with a view to setting up on my own. I lacked confidence and had fallen into some terrible habits. Working with her helped me on so many levels. I came to her without much clarity but a rough idea of what I wanted to work on, but following our sessions I had managed to improve a couple of difficult relationships in my life, I also was able to break some negative patterns I had fallen into in terms of my work and personal relationships.

I emerged refocused, much lighter, with a real commitment to the things that mattered to me. I still feel the impact of our having worked together on a daily basis and I find myself with resources to draw on that I had long since forgotten about. I am so grateful to Erika for giving me space and for listening to me so intently, as well as for asking me some of the questions I really needed to face that had been submerged in a muddle of busyness and worry. I can’t recommend Erika highly enough – it was truly transformative for me.

Writer and mother

More aligned to my values

The session was really amazing.  It helped me have more balance in the day.  I’m waking up earlier and starting my day on the right footing with my morning routine.  I feel more aligned to my values and I’m finding my flow.

Happiness Coach

Clarity, inspiration and results

In 6 sessions with Erika I got the clarity and inspiration to properly prepare to achieve my goals and I achieved the results!


Grounded and clear – I allow myself to be happy without conditions

I found the sessions very powerful. I was aware that my fear of being incompetent was stopping me or at least slowing me down but I didn’t have enough clarity about it. In the session I gained a very valuable insight about where my fear of being incompetent came from and how it had nothing to do with the reality of who I am. I saw clearly that it was my interpretation of my father’s reactions that were based on his fear of his own incompetence and his inability to accept and deal with imperfection. Now, when I see myself falling into this fear again, I am able to get myself out of it. I feel much more resilient and confident.

I feel more grounded and clear. I have a different attitude and a different way of being. I allow myself to be calm and happy without conditions and I want to live in a more focused and intentional way. I feel that this will help me in my career, other areas of my life and it will bring me more general satisfaction. I have trust that I will make positive things happen in my personal life and my career.


experience it for yourself

Instead of a consultation where you just hear about it, come and experience a full session for yourself.  You’ll get a chance to dive deep and see whether coaching with Living Inspired is right for you.  

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