discovering your selves

Have you ever found yourself saying, “a part of me wants this but another part of me doesn’t”?  Or “I keep telling myself that I just need to do it”?  Or I’m trying to get myself to stop procrastinating”?

We’re made up of multiple sub-personalities.

Some of these seem to worry all the time, living in fear of consequences and other people.  Some of these just want to be happy, living in peace and harmony.  Some of these are wild and rebellious.  Some want to be free and have fun.  Some are dark and mysterious.

Each one has its own wants, needs, values and ways of seeing the world.  They interpret our experiences differently.  They want to live life in different ways.

They all have one thing in common: they need to be expressed.

Inner conflicts arise when these different parts of us have different views on the same topic: “one part of me wants to say yes because they might be disappointed if I don’t go, but another part of me really doesn’t want to go, and another part of me is fed up and annoyed that I can’t just say no!”

If we don’t give these parts of us the space to be seen and heard, they will find unhealthy ways to express themselves.  This leads to self-sabotage, projection, judgement and repeating old and negative patterns.

Bring all parts of yourself to the table.  Safely, we will offer a space of acceptance for your inner voices to be heard, discovering their purpose, their strengths and letting them express their fears.  With this awareness, you’ll be able to consciously access these parts of you, harnessing their power when you need.


"So powerful and thought provoking that I'm left thinking about what we discussed hours after it. My mind is whirling, but I'm also feeling grounded and strong in myself after our conversation.  It was in the coaching session that I realised how much I need to listen to myself."
full-time working mother

experience it for yourself

Instead of a consultation where you just hear about it, come and experience a full session for yourself.  You’ll get a chance to dive deep and see whether coaching with Living Inspired is right for you.  

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