living your values

If someone were looking at you and your life, would they know what’s most important to you?                        Do your actions reflect what you value?

It probably isn’t hard to think of a time when you behaved in a way that conflicted with your feelings.  Maybe you smiled when you really wanted to cry.  Maybe you put your head down instead of standing up when you disagreed with a decision.  Maybe you stayed in a relationship longer than you knew was right.  Maybe you’re still in that job you really don’t enjoy…

Do you remember how uncomfortable and conflicted you felt?

This 6 week personal coaching course invites you to realign your life with your highest values so that you live your truths authentically and with integrity.

You may choose to work on any one of the following areas:

  • Life
  • Career/work
  • Personal relationships
  • Wellbeing
  • Environment
  • Home/family
the Benefits

of aligning with your values

  • MEANING - Spend your time, energy and money doing things that are actually meaningful to you
  • DIRECTION - Focus on your long-term visions and short-term goals
  • CLARITY - Decision making becomes easier and more effective
  • MOTVIATION - Turn chores into purpose-driven tasks
  • CONNECTION - Create deeper connections with like-minded people
  • Feel more AUTHENTIC and ALIGNED; live with more INTEGRITY and PURPOSE
"The session was really amazing.  It helped me have more balance in the day.  I'm waking up earlier and starting my day on the right footing with my morning routine.  I feel more aligned to my values and I'm finding my flow."
happiness coach and speaker

how it works

Identify top 5 values

In the first session we'll identify your highest values. You'll see where your life reflects these values and which areas are less aligned. Together, we'll explore what this alignment would look like and what needs to happen to start this shift towards a meaningful and purpose-led existence, driven by what's most important to you.

practise prioritising

Each week we'll explore one of your top values. Exercises between sessions will help you practise prioritising actions that reflect your values, help you explore resistances, understand how your values relate to each other and see how each one impacts other areas of your life.

Integrate and soar

Once you've practised living each value, we'll integrate what you learnt, celebrate the unexpected joys you discovered and explore any conflicts that emerged ensuring that you feel confident to courageously lead life on your terms. You'll have a vision into a future that is orientated towards the qualities that truly inspire you and the tools to immediately bring that vision into existence.

"Orientate yourself to the highest good, then act in the moment."
dr. Jordan peterson
maps of meaning

experience it for yourself

Instead of a consultation where you just hear about it, come and experience a full session for yourself.  You’ll get a chance to dive deep and see whether coaching with Living Inspired is right for you.  

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