3 reasons why you need to celebrate every success

3 reasons why you need to celebrate every success

We all have a reasons to celebrate.  Sometimes it’s something obvious – that promotion you wanted, you’ve found the love of your life or you’ve finally sold your house after far too long.

But most of the time, the big wins are far less obvious.  These are the big wins we often miss. These are the successes that happen on a daily basis and these are the achievements that lead to happiness.

celebrate every success high

1. Wake up those happy neurons

Feel the emotion!

Repetition creates habit, right?  The more excited we feel, the more likely we are to feel excited in the future because we’re stimulating those happy neurons.  So to make it easier to trigger those happy neurons, start practising!

2. Build confidence

Bring your successes to life and watch your confidence bloom as you become more aware of what you’re capable of and what is possible for you.  Stick reminders on the walls, keep a journal or display mementos of your successes around the house – whether they’re big or small, do whatever you need to do to remind yourself of all those amazing personal achievements.

3. Create connections and collaborate

Share your big wins!

You never know what resources you might find or connections you could make when sharing your big wins.  That person you’re telling might know of someone or something who could help you take your latest success to a new level!  Maybe they love the qualities you’re exhibiting (your determination, your commitment to continue despite the challenges, your ability to challenge yourself to grow…) and maybe opportunities arise from that.  Let people see you shine and watch how they respond.  Keep the people who celebrate with you in your life.

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