What is true love?

What is true love?

Love is addictive. Love is contagious.

When love is truly given to you, you can’t help but want to love in return.

True love is honest, open and trusting. It is not given from a space of neediness or trying to fill an emptiness.

True love begins at home when we acknowledge our qualities and our shadow, both the light and the dark sides of ourselves.

From this space of love, we can admire who someone is and what they do without the need to put them on a pedestal because we know that we hold those qualities too; we are equal, one and the same.

We are able to appreciate the other, accept them for all that they are without the expectation of what we think they should be.

We can learn to respect their decisions, even when we don’t understand them or agree with them. If it isn’t right for them to stay in our lives, we would rather let them go than try to change them.

This love offers freedom and autonomy. It demands that we see the person before us as capable and deserving, intrinsically powerful and inherently beautiful.

Healing hearts, soothing sores and scars, this love is indiscriminative. This means that each being with life is deserving of true love. (This means you. Yes, you!!)

This love is empowering. This love is contagious. This love is addictive. And you will make the choice to keep giving this love because, by nature, it needs to be shared with another. Through the sharing, you are awakened, you come alive.

Once experienced, there is no going back. Your life is forever changed. You are renewed.

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